Content management and creation

DDB takes over a part or all of the management of your online activities. The creation of content can also be provided by DDB

Support or full relief in content creation.

Are you looking for full relief or support in content management for your online activities? Based on the set requirements and wishes, we create landing pages, news articles, customer profiles, notes, messages, documents, texts, images, or content in the desired languages for you. DBB has a team that always meets your requirements and wishes at a high level! We use smart tools to easily edit the created content.

Recognizable and consistent in communication
By establishing principles for your content and working with fixed content parts, you create unity and consistent communication. With this setup, for example, manuals are always formatted in the correct corporate style of the product line, products always contain the necessary data, and web pages have the correct SEO values and URL structure.

Placement and publication
If you supply the content yourself but do not want or cannot place it, we support you in this. We can also provide the graphical supplementation of text. We use a smart tool in which you easily deliver your texts and can view and approve the content placed by us.

"Content is king, but only if it is correctly coded"

Every form of content has rules and best practices that you want to follow, regardless of the content type you choose.


At DBB, your wishes are always central and we stand for our principles: quality, service, and sincere cooperation.

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