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Do you want a custom website built for your goals and ambitions? DBB builds custom MODX websites.

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Achieve your goals with a tailor-made website

You might be wondering.... is DBB the right party to make us a custom website? In just a few seconds, you will assess this page. There's a good chance your customer makes the same considerations. At DBB, we understand the importance of a strong first impression. It is decisive and therefore needs to be spot-on.

Curious how we do that for you?

No matter what goal you have with the website, whether it is improving customer loyalty or conveying the company story. We translate these into a clear, user-friendly and visually attractive website that resonates with your target audience.

At DBB, we build custom websites with the powerful MODX CMS.

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Custom websites made with pride

Why have a custom website made?

Why have a custom website made?

An effective custom website

Goals are central

Whether it's about generating more leads or better customer loyalty or conveying the company story. Your goals are woven into the website.

Stand out

With a tailor-made website, you set yourself apart from the competitione.

Serve your target audience effectively

Goal 100% translated into the information needs of the target audience and thereby also get more out of your target audience.

Professional design

With a custom website, the design is fully aligned with your corporate identity.


Smooth integrations with a back office, ERP or CRM. This ensures the workflow is not disrupted and this provides peace in the organization.

Special needs

Complex functionality that actually works. We have experience in complex calculations or user functionalities and digitizing analog processes.

Easy content management

Easy content management

Website with custom content

MODX CMS is by far the CMS with which you can perfectly manage the content of the website. Not just plain text input with some images, but really managing content down to the details. Whether you want to add 2 columns, 3 columns or a simple contact form to your content, this is all possible with the powerful editor. As an organization, you also have the guarantee that the corporate identity is always consistently expressed.

Have a custom website made that is fast, safe and findable

Have a custom website made that is fast, safe and findable

Manage the website with MODX CMS

The MODX CMS stands out in terms of speed, security, and flexibility.

How about the online visibility of a MODX website? We always build the website with the correct SEO structure so that Google can easily find the website. A good page structure the right names and the correct headers (H1, H2, etc.). A MODX website from DBB is always delivered with:

  • earch engine friendly URLs.
  • uper powerful SEO tool to support you in writing texts.
  • Open-Graph headers. Ideal for sharing content on social media.
  • Structured data to tell Google even better what the website is about.


Corporate website

Want to have a corporate custom website made for your organization? Take advantage of our extensive expertise in various sectors and our practical approach. We offer proven solutions and ask the right questions to achieve your goals. In addition, we are regularly in discussion with marketing departments, so we can respond well to their needs.

For all these customers we have delivered professional MODX websites. Why? A perfect website that 100% meets the objectives and meets all modern safety requirements.

Links and integrations

Links and integrations

Have a custom website made with integrations

Do you use a CRM, ERP, marketing software or company software? With the MODX CMS, it is easy to build the digital bridge between the website and your systems. Whether it's about enriching information from your systems or the website providing information to your systems. We have the know-how in-house to establish this link. As a result, you get a website that is perfectly integrated with the way of working you are used to. So nice!

Mobile friendly and accessible

Mobile friendly and accessible

Custom web design

Did you know that 50% of internet traffic is mobile? That's why a website from DBB is standard suitable for both desktop, tablet and mobile. This is also called responsive design.

More and more people have access to the internet. This ensures that we by default make the website comply with the professional standards for website construction, privacy and accessibility such as W3C, AVG en WCAG. It's nice that the website is as accessible as possible for everyone.

Working  method

Working method

Have a custom website made with a practical approach

Suppose we get to make your website. What can you expect from us? We will work on the following steps together.

  • Inventory
    • Is the good basis of a performing custom website. What are the objectives and which strategy fits best?
  • Design
    • We make design proposals that are aligned with the objectives and target group
  • Develop
    • The design is implemented and the desired functionalities and connections are developed in this step.
  • Delivery
    • The website is developed and ready to go live. This is the moment the website is delivered.
  • Support
    • We monitor the website and are available 24/7 to help with all your questions and activities.

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