Efficient collaboration in compliance with GDPR

Efficient collaboration in compliance with GDPR We provide organizations with the tools to efficiently organize relationship management, activities, and communication with relations. All information is stored in compliance with GDPR, ensuring the privacy of your relations is safeguarded.

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Managing relationships is a complex task<br /> Collaborating with relations is even more complex

Managing relationships is a complex task
Collaborating with relations is even more complex

  • Is the consistency of your relationship management under pressure?
  • Do you spend a lot of time on activity planning and manual task distribution?
  • Is sharing knowledge with relations and receiving information from them time-consuming?
  • Are there too many separate tools risking data loss?
  • Do you lack insight into who has access to which information?

In short, do you lack a helicopter view of exactly what is happening with all your data? And do you want to solve this issue once and for all?

The digital bridge for your organization

The solution


Efficiently organize relations into groups. Easily determine the desired data profiles. Gain insight into relationship data through powerful search and filter capabilities. Create lists and share them in a GDPR-compliant manner within your organization.


With groups in the DBB Portal, you can collaborate on member management, group activities, maintaining the group calendar, distributing tasks, conducting group meetings, and organizing documents.

Between groups, there are also various opportunities for collaboration such as sharing schedules, posting announcements, and exchanging calendars.


Create a knowledge base where manuals, knowledge, and or induction programs are available to all your relations. Easily publish news articles to inform relations about what's happening within your organization.


Planning activities has never been easier. Plan activities in the form of schedules or group calendars. Assign tasks to activities in bulk.

Organize events that relations can sign up for.


Conduct discussions within groups. Relations can easily contact organization contacts or group members via their personal inbox.


Easily organize documents within groups. You can store documents per group or share documents in group messages.

Thanks to the integrated structure of the DBB Portal, you can generate documents based on announcements and relationship data. Use document templates to generate documents in a consistent manner. Informing relations has never been easier!

Relationship environment

Relationship environment

In this environment, the relation has its own protected personal information. The relation can conduct group discussions, read news items, consult the knowledge base, access files, consult the calendar, and use the personal inbox.

GDPR & security

GDPR & security

All personal data is fully GDPR compliant stored and access can be finely granted to stakeholders. The management environment is standard secured with 2-step verification.

GDPR audits give the organization insight into who has or had access to data.

Training and support

Training and support

We offer extensive training during the onboarding process and provide 24/7 technical support after implementation. You can count on our continuous support when using the DBB Portal.

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