Customer Portal for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

As a company, become more effective, transparent, and personalized in customer interactions.

Optimize business processes and service.

Simplify processes by saving time on communication and administration of repetitive tasks.

Integration possibilities for your back-office, among others.

DBB Customer Portal can be customized to your organization's requirements and preferences.

Make your communication personal.

Each customer has their own account. With this account, they get access to documents and information. There are also various ways to contact the organization.

Privacy and security guaranteed.

Privacy and security of customer information are guaranteed through access rights, double security, and AVG audits.

DBB Portal for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Optimize your business processes and strengthen customer relationships.

A powerful tool for SMBs to improve both business processes and customer relationships. The DBB portal can be connected to internal systems of your organization.

This includes, among other things, ERP systems. This allows business processes to run automatically. Provide customers with self-service options for more efficient processes and tailored information.

The portal software is a good foundation for further customization. We understand that each company has its own way of working and often specific needs.



A central system for managing customers, records, and personnel. This simplifies communication, task distribution, and planning within the company.


Central knowledge hub

Create a database with important information and frequently asked questions so customers can solve problems on their own. Let customers search in documentation.

Central knowledge hub

Segmentation through target groups

Segment customers and companies into groups based on their tasks, projects, or other relevant criteria. This promotes efficiency and collaboration among your staff.

Segmentation through target groups

Document Management

Easily manage and share documents. Save or share documents per group or customer in (group) messages. Easily generate documents based on announcements and relationship data.

Document Management

Activity Management

Improve planning with schedules and calendars, while tasks can be efficiently assigned to activities. Manage registrations for meetings and events. Keep an eye on the occupancy rate of your locations.

Activity Management

Task and Project Management

Efficiently manage tasks and projects. Track progress of these activities.

The DBB portal also provides an overview of the distribution of the workload. Easily distribute workload among employees. It also helps in maintaining an overview of processes.

Task and Project Management


By activating forums in the customer portal, customers can help each other with problems. Customers can connect with each other. They can also connect with relevant contacts. This promotes better collaboration with the customer service.



80% is already prepared, and that makes a difference

The possibilities of the customer portal vary per organization, depending on needs and goals. DBB Portal is the basis for your customer portal. It can be adapted to your specific requirements for the back office, working method, operations, and customers. So, you don't have to develop an online customer portal from scratch.

Efficiency and convenience in one solution

A DBB customer portal offers various benefits to both businesses and customers:

For e-commerce and B2B:

  1. DBB Portal can be linked to ERP systems to streamline business processes. This provides insight into orders, planning, and invoicing.

  2. Improved customer service: Continuous interaction with customers is possible. Access to customer data and history enables customer service to respond quickly and effectively to customer queries.
  3. Customer portal provides information to the organization and customers, ensuring transparency and trust.
  4. Customer insight: Analyzing customer data and behavior allows for personalized offers and strengthens customer relationships.

  5. Fewer support tickets: Through self-service and a forum, the number of support tickets can be reduced.

For customers:

  1. Always access: Customers can use their personal customer portal at any time, regardless of the opening hours of customer service.

  2. Documents and history: All relevant documents, such as quotes, invoices, and contracts, are easily accessible in one place. This eliminates the need to search through emails. It increases the privacy and integrity of data.

  3. Knowledge base: Customers can find answers to frequently asked questions in a knowledge base.

  4. Support from fellow customers: If a customer is looking for answers, there is also a forum. This allows customers to help each other with problems and exchange ideas.

  5. Companies can improve their image and increase customer satisfaction by offering personal and efficient experiences.

Streamline processes

Streamline processes

Processen stroomlijnen

DBB Customer Portal can be combined with both internal and external systems, such as ERP, PIM, email marketing tools.

Thanks to these integrations, processes are improved, and data remains consistent between different systems.

Customer self-service

Customer self-service

Access to their personal information at any time

A customer portal makes the transition from self-service to interaction with an employee much easier. Each customer has access to a personal and secure environment. There, they find communication tools, news items, a knowledge base, files, and their personal documents, calendar, and inbox.

If customers cannot find something, they can easily ask a question so your employees can help.

The customer portal is very user-friendly and suitable for all ages. The environment works on both mobile devices, iPads, and computers.

GDPR, Security, and Privacy

GDPR, Security, and Privacy

Prevention is better than cure, prevent damage to your image

All customer data in the DBB Portal is stored fully in compliance with GDPR regulations.

It is easy to grant relevant parties detailed access. The admin environment is standardly secured with two-step security. This is also known as

The GDPR audit ensures transparency about access to data.

The customer has full control over their personal data. They can also adjust their communication preferences, providing a personalized experience.

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