DTP and Graphic Design

Design and styling: Internet agency DBB has extensive design experience. You can turn to us for graphic tasks, print supervision, and more.

Do you want a logo or infographic created? Need to change the addressing on the current envelope? Do you have a new colleague and need business cards? Want to have an annual report drawn up? Out of invoice paper? Need to arrange for printing? Want stickers, a cover, folder, or booklet?

DTP tasks

BB creates fresh, modern, and unique designs that meet all your requirements. This can be both digital and in print. We are happy to help create a proper corporate identity. We also assist in designing and styling flyers, folders, and advertisements. You can turn to us for virtually all graphic tasks, print supervision, and more. Printing is an art that is sometimes forgotten, quality doesn't come without effort and attention. Print work handled by us looks perfect, is of the highest quality, neatly finished, and all at a competitive price.

In addition to DTP'ers and designers, DBB also has a solid network of photographers, illustrators, and audio and video producers.

DTP and  <span>Graphic Design</span>

Corporate identity and logo design

Based on a brainstorming session with the client or a detailed description, we start working on a logo design. We look at competition, market trends, what sets the company apart, the company's history, the future, and the existing brand if any. After this session, we start sketching and making prototypes. These prototypes are delivered as a PDF file. The client can then examine the designs and give feedback.

Once approved, we will further elaborate the final logo. After this, vector illustrations will be sent via email and/or made available for download. These files can be scaled to any size without loss of quality.

Proper implementation A good fulfillment of the points below ensures a logo that fits a company.

  • Describable
  • Memorable
  • Effective without color
  • Scalable i.e., also working at small size

Relevant to the sector in question Points one and two go hand in hand, because if you can't describe what a logo looks like, how can you remember it? Color is secondary to the form. Color comes at the end of the design process, because if the logo doesn't work in black, no color will make up for this. Point number four is vital for marketing gadgets like office supplies (pens, pin badges etc.). All those little things that are easily overlooked.

Finally, the design must be relevant to the sector in which the company operates. This is achieved through research into the industry involved, the shapes used there, and how to create a place for the brand in between.

Designing posters, booklets, and flyers

DBB creates fresh, modern, and unique designs that meet all your requirements. This can be both digital and in print. 

DTP and  <span>Graphic Design</span>

Making advertisements

Advertisement layout is a discipline in the graphic profession that, in addition to creativity, also requires a high degree of accuracy. Ad placements are expensive, deadlines often very close, and errors can have very annoying consequences. So if you're going to work with a company for ad layout, you want one with experience.

We do ad layouts for magazines & newspapers. Based on the current corporate identity, we can create an advertisement and/or develop a new advertisement. From IM to large spread, we know how to handle it. DBB takes care of advertisements for many large and small businesses. Print is a world in itself and has quite a few pitfalls. Our many years of experience with media agencies and advertising agencies have not done our customers any harm.

Designing artwork and illustration

DBB assists you in creating artwork and illustrations and knows top illustrators. Below are beautiful materials from Jeffrey for a marketing campaign from a large catering machine brand.

DTP and  <span>Graphic Design</span>

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