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Internet agency DBB is eager to assist in developing and implementing your online marketing strategy.

Give your online marketing a direction.

Online marketing helps a company to build brand recognition, relationships, and ultimately close deals. With a marketing strategy, information can be spread to and gathered about potential customers, increasing your chances of welcoming visitors as actual customers. Simply put, it's about moving potential customers towards your products and services through means such as:

  • Website and SEO
  • Content marketing and blogging
  • Social media
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising
  • Email marketing

The goal is always the same: Stand out, generate visitors, spark their interest, and sell your product or service.



The attention economy isn't growing, so we need to grab the attention someone else has today

Today, information is easily accessible online. Think about search engines, social media, and other online channels. This has led to the rise of the 'self-directed buyer' and, in turn, the attention economy. Buyers are often well-informed about the product or service before the first customer contact is made. This makes your online presence more critical than ever. Nowadays, it's more likely that the buyer finds you before you find the buyer.

A marketing strategy helps in generating leads. You build trust and attract the interest of buyers during their self-study process. And importantly, you do this before the first customer contact is made.



Measuring who, where, how, and when you are found and seen

Being able to measure which (potential) customers are interested in your information opens up possibilities. By collecting this information, you can more easily analyze the needs of these (potential) customers and how to better optimize your customer loyalty. Here are a few examples of useful information that can be collected:

  • Where do visitors come from?
  • What are commonalities among visitors.
  • Which expressions and content cause the most influx of visitors.
  • Which visitors come back.
  • What has a customer bought.
  • Which visitors have filled out forms.
  • What exactly do visitors do on your website.
  • Etc.

As Digital Brand Builders, we provide support in thinking up, creating, or implementing your marketing strategy

We also take care of creating content for your marketing and distributing it. Keep in mind that a marketing strategy, like a portal, modx webshop of website, is always in development. Continuous analysis of as many sources as possible allows you to learn better who your customers are, what they expect from you, and how you can act on that.

  • Creation can be taken care of by us.
  • Plenty of experience with organizing marketing campaigns.
  • Support with all your activities.
  • Marketing strategy advice.
  • Very fast service.
  • You get access to copywriters in our network.
  • Illustrators are ready for you.
  • Translators and native speakers in our network.
  • Designers are ready for you.
  • You get access to photographers in our network.

Broaden your horizons, quickly and effectively oversee and manage all online marketing and communication

DBB has cleverly centralized marketing management, creation, and publication in one platform!

Marketing is exciting, but it can also be quite overwhelming. Marketers feel a lot of pressure to be methodical, produce brilliant content, earn social stars, and be true spreadsheet wizards. DBB stands for tools that simplify this for marketers. With our digital building blocks, it is now possible to include the following functions in your CMS;

  • CRM: Get to know customers better by recording more information. Keep track of what they've done, what they've shown interest in, which appointments are planned, and which services they've availed.
  • Creation tool for landing pages and email campaigns: Create landing pages and email campaigns yourself with marketing elements made for you.
  • SEO optimization tools: Real-time SEO advice when creating pages on your website.
  • Planning of, and publication to, social media channels:
  • Post from the CMS to social media channels, plan publication dates, etc.
  • Reporting from information sources: Detailed statistics that map your online marketing activities and the results thereof.
  • Analysis and forecast based on the information obtained so far:
  • Summary of obtained data and forecast based on that.


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