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Do you want to create an online store, or does your current store not meet your needs? Increase your revenue and expand your market with a MODX webshop from DBB.

Creating a MODX webshop

Want to get more from your current webshop, or want to create a new one? We build powerful e-commerce websites with optimal user experiences, thoughtful functionality, and a modern, secure technical architecture. Using our expertise and MODX Commerce, we assist businesses with their e-commerce activities. Don't wait any longer, build the digital bridge to your customers and increase revenue and market share.

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Our e-commerce services

What we offer


A thoughtful strategy that aligns with your company's unique vision. We understand that every business is different and requires a different approach. We listen to your wishes, analyze the market, and formulate a strategy that gives you a competitive advantage.


The design is more than just attractive. It's functional, user-friendly, and tailored to the latest trends and industry requirements. Your webshop is designed to give visitors a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.


MODX Commerce is flexible and expandable, allowing your webshop to grow with your business. It offers practical solutions for the sale of both physical and digital products, nationally and internationally. MODX Commerce can be linked to third-party systems such as accounting, POS, or PIM.


Easily add, remove or modify products with our PIM solution, FlexData. FlexData is a smart product catalog that fits any type of product in your webshop. Besides a lightning-fast presentation of large amounts of products, customers can also quickly search and filter the range.


Whether it's customer service or technical support, we're here to help when you need it. Working on your success is what we do!


DBB provides a reliable and secure hosting platform. We ensure that the webshop is always accessible to customers and we secure customer data. You can trust that the webshop is secure.

SEO Optimization

Our team is always aware of the latest SEO trends to ensure that the websshop achieves top positions in search engine results. This helps increase the visibility of your webshop and attract more potential customers.


Want to create a webshop for your organization? Make use of our extensive expertise in various sectors and our practical approach. The webshops we realize have an optimal user experience, thoughtful functionality, and a modern, secure technical architecture.

All these customers have had a professional MODX webshop created. Why? A perfect websshop that 100% matches the goals and meets all modern safety requirements.

  • Webshop with a thoughtful strategy.
  • Suitable for all devices (responsive)
  • SEO optimized (Google Shopping).
  • Professionals who are happy to help with all your questions.
  • 24/7 control over your online sales channel.
  • Powerful hosting.
  • Suitable for content-driven or product-driven e-commerce.
  • Easy to manage, safe, fast, and reliable.
  • No hourly billing.
  • Choose your desired Payment Service Provider.
  • Link to stock system and/or accounting program
  • Link with Marketing platforms possible.

Just that extra step to help your online growth

Maintain an overview and gain insight

Managing the webshop easily

It is essential to have insight into the performance of your webshop. With MODX Commerce, you can effortlessly view the status of all orders and see the turnover per period at a glance. In addition, you have extensive reporting functions with which you can, for example, identify uncompleted orders. These reports will help to constantly improve the webshop and take it to a higher level.

Did you know that MODX Commerce offers the possibility to give users access to certain content of the webshop, while they have no insight into financial data? Handy if you manage the webshop with multiple colleagues.


Webshop data migration from existing to new

Smooth webshop data relocation

With an existing webshop, it is usually wise to move existing product information and the associated URLs. We have handy tools and the experience to carefully move existing data, such as orders or a product catalog, to the new webshop.

URLs to existing products are retained. Links that exist in the catalogs or with users are redirected so that visitors in the new webshop can still find the right products.

Safe payment methods

More revenue by offering the right payment method

As soon as customers have filled their shopping cart, a clear payment system is essential. Allow payments on account or prefer direct handling via trusted bank environments? With a MODX Commerce webshop, it's easy to integrate various payment methods. Such as iDeal, PayPal, and AfterPay.

Proudly making custom webshops

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