Career portal with software integrations

Robust career portal with software integrations

Mobile-friendly website

Responsive web design

Mobile-friendly website

Most visitors who are looking for a job do so on their mobile device. That's why VDES has a 'mobile first' design. In this way, the design of the website is suitable for every type of device and gives the visitor the best website 'experience'.

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Applications and email from the website must always arrive!

Email automation via Postmark

Applications and email from the website must always arrive!

All our websites are linked to an email API that handles all transactional email. Using this API guarantees the delivery of transactional email and is lightning fast. When sending an application form, you want to guarantee a fast, secure and correct delivery. Because we use this recognized and validated solution, emails rarely end up in spam boxes.

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Career portal with software integrations

Van Dijk Employment Services wanted a new website integrated with software used within the company. We created a new "mobile first" web design based on several brainstorming sessions and evaluation moments. The portal primarily hosts academic level job postings, and also features project and news sections where backgrounds of projects and experiences of seconded staff are shared.

In addition to the integration (Good Jobs), links were created with inbound marketing tools such as Campaign Monitor. Google Analytics and SEO optimization tools are also integrated, ensuring the job postings are optimally indexed and tracked. This provides VDES with answers to important questions like: Which campaigns are successful? How did potential applicants land on the website? Which visitors apply? If applicants stop filling out their application form, where and when do they do that?

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