Platform for and about electric driving

Native app / website Platform for and About Electric Driving

Smart URLs with pre-selection

Intelligent filter and sort functionality

Smart URLs with pre-selection

Easily filter and compare electric cars based on electric car properties. The URL contains all filter choices so the visitor can easily save their overview. Due to this smart URL structure, Mountox can also create electric car overviews and use this URL in their social media strategy and website articles. This allows, for example, all Audis with a range of more than 380 km to be viewed.

Vergelijk en onderzoek mogelijk maken

Je eigen auto vergelijken met een elektrische

Vergelijk en onderzoek mogelijk maken

De website is gekoppeld aan de RDW database. Hierdoor kun je jouw auto, d.m.v. kenteken invoer, fiscaal vergelijken met een door jou gekozen elektrische auto. Zo kun je kosten vergelijken en welke besparing er mogelijk is en met welke bedragen je rekening moet houden. Ook is een optie om de kosten te berekenen in combinatie met zonnepanelen.

Platform for and about electric driving

Mountox offers everything related to electric car driving. All electric car models on the market can be found and compared. Extensive filtering and sorting capabilities help to examine all ins and outs of the cars. Cars can be compared on numerous aspects, even with your own car. The necessary car data is retrieved from the RDW via an API, through license plate entry. In addition, the website allows for a detailed calculation of the purchase costs of a new electric car. This applies to both private and business purchases. The application also provides visitors the opportunity to include their own car in the calculation.

Mountox staff can also enter new data and additional aspects themselves. There is extensive input ability for car models and all related information. Subsidy schemes, tax rules can be adjusted to new and changing tax regulations. There are also all the options to manage the other content of the website.

In addition to a lot of information about electric cars, there is much more to find. Information about the purchase of charging stations, charging passes, solar panels, for example. DBB facilitates expansions in functionality, such as a recent expansion with a calculation for required solar panels and an integration with the marketing platform Landingi.

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