Multilingual web portal

Multilingual international web portal with secure sections for stakeholders.

Communication platform

Sending messages to social media can be done from the website manager

Communication platform

News can be shared with international visitors of the web portal from the CMS. There is a large amount of trilingual information available on the web portal for and about midwives. Via the web portal, materials and learning resources are made available to the midwives and national midwifery organizations in a closed environment.

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Members portal

Interaction with members and partners

Members portal

On the web portal, members and representatives can download research, fill out surveys with which, for example, policy wishes are inventoried. Members can communicate via a forum and directly communicate with each other via a chat environment. The organization can push messages to members or member groups itself.

Multilingual web portal

An extensive web portal has been created for the International Confederation of Midwives to support the specific workflow of ICM. The web portal offers a secured section for various user groups. Such as a forum for committee members and a special sections for the board and other deliberative bodies within the organization. All this is driven via extensive member management. Smart search functions have been included in the website that facilitate searching in the large amount of documents.

Three languages are managed in the CMS with our language management solution. For each language, there are translators who translate the provided texts within their own environment. The portal is equipped with our file manager, which keeps a huge amount of documents organized and safe. Our authentication manager makes it possible to manage members in a simple way. In addition, we have provided several integrations with existing software for project management, email marketing and statistics including Salesforce, Campaignmonitor and Google Analytics.

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