Self-service and multisite-CMS

Management of websites consolidated into one management environment.

Saving time through centralization

Each target group its own website

Saving time through centralization

Carefree Homeowners Association Management (VvE-Beheer) manages multiple websites with one CMS (Multisite-CMS). It is now much more efficient and easier for employees to manage local information. This keeps the websites up-to-date and easily found for the different cities where Carefree VvE-Beheer operates.

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Managing data in a team is handy.

Working in teams on services

Managing data in a team is handy.

Employees now work together in the CMS on different homeowners association (VvE) information, such as group-specific and personal documentation or general information. News and other facts can be shared from the CMS on the website(s) of choice.

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Self-service and multisite-CMS

To make the management of the websites of Carefree VvE-Beheer easier, the websites have been consolidated into one management environment. The websites use the same design elements, but each has its own domain and content that is focused on the local aspects of the city or region. In this way, the locally oriented VvE websites can effectively rank in Google. The management of the websites has become much easier and less time-consuming through the central CMS.

The websites contain various sections with news and several forms to process visitor requests and inquiries. Quotes can be downloaded as PDFs and digitally signed. The websites also include login sections for customers for their personal VvE environment. In this self-service environment, various matters are arranged that relate to their VvE account. Carefree VvE-Beheer can provide documents and information through the portal.

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